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Dr Hayes will be in the Greenville Office the first and third Thursdays of each month. Call 903-784-1608 for an appointment. The Paris Office will also be open on these days for SPA SERVICES ONLY.
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For many of us, dieting and weight loss have become too difficult to tackle alone.  In fact, about 95% of us have failed on many dieting attempts, often gaining back what we lost plus a few extra pounds.  Healthy dieting practices cannot be stressed enough in today's lifestyle.  Indulging in unhealthy diets can have detrimental affects on one's well-being.  While one can infer that the inverse is true, a successful diet program should require careful nutritional assessment and professional medical advice.

At the Hayes Clinic, our focus is not limited to weight loss.  We develop a personalized program tailored to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and weight fitness, based on an in-depth medical evaluation.  We emphasize weight maintenance and prevention of future weight gain.

Your health and well-being are extremely important and we believe we can help make your health and weight loss goals easier to achieve.

At the Hayes Clinic, you will personally be seen by Dr. Gaylen Hayes and your progress managed by him.  Programs include diet consultation, behavior modification and treatment with FDA-approved pharmacological agents.

No one should begin a weight loss program without a doctor's advice.  A doctor can help determine the appropriate treatment plan, monitor progress and provide advice and support along the way.  It is important for you and your health care professional to set realistic goals for weight loss.  Your first goal should be to prevent further weight gain, while your doctor's first goal is to identify a realistic weight loss goal for you.  In general, most patients have a "dream" weight that is well below a realistic level.
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